Saturday, September 20, 2008

Greenface (Journey to the West)

Greenface a character featured within the famous ancient Journey to the West. Greenface is first shown during Chapter 90 as a majoring demon under Tawny Lion, the head demon of a neighboring forest-palace. Greenface at first acts as a messenger from Tawny Lion to invite Tawny Lion's grandfather to a certain celebration banquet – due to the attainment of three new weapons. Greenface is stopped by , , and who ask his destination. Following a major event in which Tawny Lion was later forced to call upon his grandfather for assistance against Wukong and the others, Greenface proposes a plan with Tawny Lion. Greenface tells his master that he will ride atop his grandfather who will be currently transformed into a large nine-headed lion monster and capture the Tang Priest and all the others; in which they will placed within each mouth of the large lion. After Greenface leaves by cloud atop Tawny Lion's grandfather, the news of Tawny Lion’s death and the capture of every other random demon reached Greenface's ears. After Wukong later asks upon the help of the lion keeper that had let Tawny Lion's grandfather loose by mistake, Wukong barges into the monster’s cave. Greenface is quickly killed by Wukong's cudgel in one swift blow during this event.

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