Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mount Huaguo

Mount Huaguo , literally meaning Mount of Flowers and Fruit, is a major area featured within the famed ancient Chinese novel ''Journey to the West''.

This mount had been featured as the birthplace of Sun Wukong, the main character within the novel. This mountain specifically holds many demons and monkeys in its population. Within this rather large mountain, many various areas remain hidden; one of such being the Water Curtain Cave. After the brave Sun Wukong rushed through a large waterfall and made it to this cave, every individual in the Flowers and Fruit mountain acknowledged Wukong as their king.

After Wukong becomes the mountains king, this mountain becomes exceedingly civilized and well trained for various future conflicts such as war. Such a trait is easily seen when Wukong had leaved this mountain for reasons such as protecting the Tang priest . Due to the natural and civilized ways of this mountain set by Wukong, this mountain would effectively continue to thrive even after 500 years of conflict.

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