Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tawny Lion

* ''see also: Journey to the West main article

Tawny Lion a character featured within the famous ancient Chinese novel Journey to the West. Tawny Lion is first featured around Chapter 89, in which he stole all three of Sanzang’s disciples weapons by absorbing them and running back off to his family. Pig and Friar Sand, along with Sun Wukong later end up sneaking into Tawny Lion’s palace-forest area disguised as two of Tawny Lion’s demon underlings. After they retrieve their weapons, they fight against Tawny Lion. As revealed during the fight, Tawny Lion wields a long golden halberd-like weapon that he uses with superb skill. Tawny Lion is defeated after a short amount of time. He then flees to his grandfather’s for support. After he, along with his grandfather head back to the main direction to attack the city in which Sun Wukong had been, Tawny Lion comes across his original forest-palace, only in great ruins. Tawny Lion sees his fellow family members lying slaughtered. This leads to him even attempting suicide – smashing head against a large rock – but he is quickly stopped by his demon allies. Tawny Lion vows ultimate revenge against Sun Wukong during this point with tears flowing from his eyes. During the mist of the night, in which Greenface designs their plan, Tawny Lion sets out in attempt to capture Wukong, Pig, and Friar Sand, which is part of the plan. After Tawny Lion’s hatred explodes against Wukong, a fine duel ensues. Wukong manages however to seize a moment of distraction in Tawny Lion to deliver a fatal blow upon his body. Thus, this golden haired lion spirit died while never being able to have revenge.

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