Saturday, September 20, 2008

Immortal Peaches

* ''see also: Journey to the West main novel article''
* ''for incarnated information see items''

Immortal Peaches a major item featured within the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West. The first time in which these immortal peaches were seen had been within heaven when Sun Wukong had been stationed as the Protector of the Peaches. As the “Protector of the Peaches, Wukong quickly realized the legendary effects of the immortal peaches if they were to be consumed – over 1,000 years of life after the consumption of a single peach – and acted quickly as to consume one. However, Wukong ended up running into many fragments of trouble such as a certain queen that was planning on holding a peach banquet for many members of Heaven. Wukong manages to make himself very small and hide within a sacred peach. Later on within the series, Wukong would have another chance to eat an immortal fruit – in which would be his second time. A certain 1,000 foot tall tree was stationed behind a Taoist monastery run by a Taoist Master and his disciples – in which the master had been gone. After this point within the novel, these Immortal peaches would never be seen again. Also refer to The Feast of Immortal Peaches.

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