Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ratnadhvaja a minor character featured within the famed ancient Journey to the West. Ratnadhvaja is regularly known as the Royal of Brightness or the Welcoming Buddha. Ratnadhvaja is a neutrally ranked Buddha that serves under the Lord of Buddhas. Ratnadhvaja is first shown within chapter 98 when he had appeared before and his disciples as to ferry them across a large elevated river near the Vulture Peak. Ratnadhvaja lacked a bottom to his boat, but through surviving centuries of chaos, this celestial boat allowed for Sanzang to cross the river with relative ease. After this renowned Buddha leads Sanzang and the others across the river, he is never truly seen again at any point within the novel. Forever following this point Ratnadhvaja would guide those across this large river in order to meet the supreme Buddha atop Vulture Peak - the Tathagata.

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